Fish-Crab-Prawn online at X1BET

Typical folk game Fish-Crab-Prawn has been around for many generations. People will enjoy this game in the spring time during Tet. Rather than just being played outside, now you can find it online. This game fever never ever subsided.

Fish-Crab-Prawn is no longer just an entertainment. With X1BET, players also have the opportunity to exchange great rewards. In this article, X1BET will show you the tips to enjoy the games and still earning big money.

Fish-Crab-Prawn X1BET.

Fish-Crab-Prawn Rules

Fish-Crab-Prawn Rules at X1BET

Visualize, Fish-Crab-Prawn online is the same as playing outside. The bonus point about it while playing online is that you have many choices to place for your bet.

Each round includes three dice with the following six sides: fish, calabash, prawn, deer, crab and rooster. These dice will be shaken by the dealer, then announce the result. The winnings will be calculated based on the three upper sides of those three dice.

How to place bet Fish-Crab-Prawn?

Players can place bet on one or as many door as their wish. No limit on the bet amount either.

The winning ratio will be 1:1. Simply understand that the amount you win will be equal to the amount you bet. Then multiply by the number of animals appearing on the bet.

Fish-Crab-Prawn online can also be played by many players at the same time. There is absolutely no limit to the quantity. So players can invite their friends to play and win huge bonuses.

Fish-Crab-Prawn is an easy game to bet

Experiencer sharing tips to play Fish-Crab-Prawn online

Fish-Crab-Prawn depends much on luck factor. If players know how to apply the following tips, they will have a better chances of winning.

Play with a suitable budget

Select the room that best fits your needs and budget. For newcomers in particular, relying on luck is essential when you lack expertise. Newcomers should select betting rooms with easy approaches bet. Do not bet all your cash on the first round. If you lose, you forfeit everything then leads to lose motivation for playing.

Bet wisely.

Play Fish-Crab-Prawn online based on analogy

This tip has been rated as top notch. Surely no master has shared it with you. Remember or take note on the occurrences of the animals. Then use the elimination method to increase chance of winning. The analogy is as follows:

  • Opposites side of the symbols that appeared before – excluded
  • Know the opposites side of the dice: calabash – crab, prawn – fish, rooster – deer.
  • The side next to the symbol have already appeared in the previous games – choose
  • It is likely that calabash will often appear with crab, fish, and prawn.
Using analogy to have a better chance at winning the game.

Unspoken guidelines of Fish-Crab-Prawn

At any game will exist an unwritten rule. Players must have a sharp observant eyes to recognize these rules. Here is a summary of the most common possibilities:

  • If the previous game appeared 2 calabashes and 1 rooster, then the next game, place a calabash.
  • If the previous game appeared 2 calabashes and 1 crab, then the next game, definitely appear either crab or prawn.
  • If the previous game appeared 2 prawns and 1 calabash, then the next game, place a deer.
  • If the previous game appeared 2 roosters and 1 fish, then the next game, place a calabash.
  • If the previous game appeared 2 crabs and 1 calabash, then the next game, place a prawn.


Place bet follow the master

One more tip for you to play Fish-Crab-Prawn online. You learn to bet from the masters in the game. Watch them play and learn from their mistake. Then in the next games, follow what you have learnt. You will definitely increase your chances of winning.


X1BET has already shown some useful tips for players to master Fish-Crab-Prawn online. Hope you will understand more about this game after the article. Do not hesitate to join X1BET today to become a Fish-Crab-Prawn master and enjoy many new year hot deals.

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